Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thu, 7:45 AM Update

My gut feeling is doubting the amount of moisture. You can see a lot of rain to the south and a lot of freezing rain to the North. Across most of Region 8 and points SW, it's just spotty. Let's hope this this trend continues because we are sitting at 27 degrees at the Jonesboro airport and everyone in Region 8 is below freezing. Even Little Rock is at 32!

There have been some slick spots reported by Arkansas Highway Department in NE Arkansas, especially in Clay County. I have a few patches of ice in my driveway, but no problems. Acccording to the Missouri Highway folks, most of our Missouri highways are "covered" according to their website. That's not good.

I really hope this "drier" trend continues!

Stay tuned,

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