Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thu 8:15 AM Update

Roads are a little slick in spots. Here is an update on road conditions in Sharp County. Denise Evans sent me this email:

Highway 63-62/412 is mostly passable between Highway 58 at Williford and Highland. Exceptions: Bridges. Tangible loss of traction. Slow down before you reach them and don't apply brakes while on them. "Bowman Hill" - Highway 63 between the Acres Road entrance to Ozark Acres (Ozark Acres Water Company) and Diamond D Trail (Sugar Creek Antiques).

Bowman Hill is a solid sheet of ice all the way down, and at least one car was off in the ditch when I came through. Highland - The same area that saw the worst of the tornado damage still is still icy this morning (likely because it is a wind-exposed hilltop).

Denise Evans
Williford, AR

Thanks for the update!

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