Friday, March 07, 2008

Awesome Pictures!

Look at how much snow has fallen in Cherokee Village! These pictures are awesome! James Hadley sent these to me this morning an I just had to share them. Thanks James! We are getting several 6+" snowfall reports across Region 8. Hang in there Jonesboro! I hear it just started coming down there.. finally. I expect some places near Jonesboro will get 3-4". We'll see. I'm going to "attempt" to drive home from Nashville tomorrow. We'll see about that too!


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Heidi said...

I've adjusted my measurement to 7" here. We measured at several different spots around our property and got 7" more than 6". We also drove our neighbor's Mule (the Kawasaki kind ;) to Franklin. I think they got a few inches less in town than what we got 2-3 miles south. The main paved roads are clear, the secondary paved roads are mostly clear but slushy, but the unpaved roads are treacherous and require a 4X4 to be safe. Oh, and everything looks awesome. :D I have to upload photos now!