Friday, March 07, 2008

Don't Give Up Jonesboro!

I'm in Nashville, but I have still heard that there has not been much snow yet in Jonesboro. Don't give up! :) Jonesboro may have missed out on some of the overnight snowfall, but there is still a lot of upper-level energy to swing through later today. I still think Jonesboro could get 4" of snow, but we'll have to see where the heavier snowbands setup. If you do not have snow in Arkansas yet, don't lose hope... it may have just been delayed for you!

Meanwhile, it appears that 4-6" of snow will fall here in Middle Tennessee. The drive home to Arkansas may be delayed.

This just in... I just received reports (while typing this) that it is snowing in Jonesboro and Paragould and some school closings are coming in.

Have fun. Keep me posted. I'm off to go get the sleds ready for us here.



Anonymous said...

Do you really think Jonesboro will get some what about trumann?

Ryan said...

Anonymous (10:39)... Oh yeah Trumann. You'll get some snow here shortly. Don't give up! :)