Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cars & Weather

My dad, youngest son, and I went and checked out the cars at the Jonesboro Auto Show today. Everyone there said that the rainy weather brings in more people, but the rain needed to move out by tomorrow evening (Sunday) at 5:00. They don't want to take their cars home in the rain!

Speaking of the rain, there are some pretty hefty storms coming into the SW part of the state right now. The warm front that is heading in tomorrow could be quite active. I'm expecting some decent storms to develop and temperatures will likely warm about 30 degrees over a 2-3 hour period! I do not see the threat of tornadoes tomorrow, but some "hailers" can't be ruled out. Regardless of the severity, they will probably have some loud thunder! We'll be tracking the storms! Here's a radar loop....
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MTWC said...

I wouldn't want to drive those cars on the road period. I'd have them transported!