Friday, March 28, 2008

Cooler, Then Warmer, Then Severe?

In addition to the threat of heavy rain, we may deal with some severe weather late Sunday and Monday. You may have noticed that we have some new tools added to StormTRACK Doppler 8 and they may get tested a little more as we kick off the work-week. Looking at the long-range forecast, we may have another round of severe weather later in the week, too.

The heavy rain threat still exists, but I want to stress that "should" not be as heavy as last week. Click here for the latest forecast from HPC regarding what will happen upstream.

Stay tuned... another blog post will come this afternoon.



Heidi said...

Monday and then also next Thurs-Fri look like potential Moderate Risk days at this point. For me, the big red-flag (right now) as far as severe potential is that the 500mb and 800mb winds are no longer looking unidirectional as they were a few days ago ... but at least the 500 is not in the 100+ knt range like a certain other time recently ... :-/ ... what's this looking like on the BUFKIT? (hint, hint ;)

This is all just keeping with the trend of your severe wx birthday weeks, though, Ryan.

The only person who would say 800mb said...

I just realized I said 800mb instead of 850mb; what a dork. ;)

Anonymous said...

So, is it safe to put away the winter clothes and get the summer clothes ready????

I just got back from Orlando Florida and had to go buy a jacket while I was there - not a good thing. We were able to wear shorts and t shirts from around noon until 6 everyday, but then it was back to long pants and sweat shirts.