Thursday, March 06, 2008

CRS and Snow!

Today's panel at the County Radio Seminar regarding severe weather was a success. Trey Stafford, Jim Cantore, and I were panelist and presenters in a session that focused on the vital role radio plays in saving lives.

The partnership between Triple FM and KAIT is going to be a model for other partnerships of radio and TV markets around the country. People in Region 8 do not realize how fortunate they are to have radio stations that devote so many resources to severe weather coverage. It's actually a very rare! Many radio stations do not have the type of relationship we have between KAIT and Triple FM. For those stations that can't aquire this relationship, they can hire The Weather Channel. This is where Cantore comes into the mix.

Trey talked about the need for radio stations to embrace severe weather coverage. Cantore talked about what to say and not to say on air. I spoke about having a relationship with local television stations.
The coolest part of the day was lunch. While we ate lunch, Montgomery Gentry and Keith Anderson played LIVE. It was awesome. I'll try to get some more pictures from the Triple FM folks. I'll post them later.

The funny thing about us all being in Nashville is that we are expecting a big snowstorm in Region 8! Neither Trey or I will be back until after the event is over! I'm a little upset that I will miss the snow in Region 8, but we are expecting a little snow here in Nashville, too.

Sarah is doing a great job filling in for me! She'll keep you posted through the snow storm! Enjoy it folks! Below is a picture from Nat Hooper. He's already seen some good snowfall in Oxford!

Have a great evening!



Karen H. said...

Good Evening Ryan,
I must say I love the picture of you, Trey, and Jim together. HELLO JIM from a dedicated weather fan!!!! Don't feel left out Ryan, LOL, when KAIT8 news or weather aren't on, I am watching The Weather Channel. I think it is so wonderful that KAIT8 and Triple FM Radio has such a wonderful relationship. I so agree that having a Radio station is much needed when there is bad or severe weather. "THANK YOU" so much KAIT8 and Triple FM Radio for keeping us all informed of all the bad and severe weather. Keep up the great job. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe yall got to see Montgomery Gentry and Keith Anderson. Are you sure you and Trey just ain't in Nashville having a good time? LOL. Just kidding with ya on that one. I would sure love to be in your shoes by being in Nashville. LOL. It is cold and windy here in Caraway right now. The wind will just cut right thru you. It is 35 degrees as I'm typing this at 7:35p.m. Take care my friends and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours. You and Trey be safe coming home.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

MTWC said...

Well, we have actually gotten lucky over here at Nashville. Just a smidge more Cold air advection than was originally on the models means 2-6 inches could fall here in Middle Tennessee. You got any snow totals, Ryan? I heard 3 inches has fallen at Franklin but I don't know if that is correct.

Anonymous said...

So, I am curious...would you say that we have a good partnership with the TV/Radio stations here in Alabama when it comes to severe weather? I have gone to some of your links and I can see where there could be some improvement here in the Montgomery area.

Ryan said...

Donna.. the TV/radio partnership is better than most markets, but they can take some steps to ramp it up there, too.