Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wish I Was There!

That's a good snow event! I have not looked at a ton of data since I am out of town, but this sure looks like a good winter storm. I just watched Sarah on the internal video server. Keep it tuned to her tonight at 10:00 to see of there have been any changes.

I talked with her on the phone just now and she said it's adding up already in some spots. The main event has yet to move in, so it could get interesting.

Make sure there is some snow left when I return. I want to make a snowman!


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Heidi said...

4" now here, Ryan. It has been on the lighter-side since the 6:00 show, when we had almost 3". I also ALMOST got a photo of that big dumb 'possum that comes to our back porch for the bird seed! :D I told Sarah I'd keep trying!