Monday, March 03, 2008

Evening Update

The Panic-o-meter is still below the "buy milk and bread" level in Region 8, but I'm still afraid that I am being too conservative! If you look at the latest radar image from Oklahoma, you can see some pretty good snow showers going on... I still think there will be some isolated snow bands that will setup and will drop some good snow for someone, the big question is.... who. We'll watch the radar closely tomorrow morning to see where these snow bands setup. Keep in mind.... some folks will end up with nothing!

Stay tuned,


Anonymous said...

How much do you think Paragould area might get. What time will this snow start.

Ryan said...

The Gould may see 1-2". Once again, it all depends on where the heavier bands setup, if it will be mixed with sleet, and if the ground did not warm too much this weekend.

Stacy said...

I love your panic-o-meter!