Monday, March 03, 2008

Southern Storms

I have a lot of readers from Alabama and I want to get them caught up to date on their severe weather potential for the next 24 hours. "Donna" in the comments section wanted a quick look down there, so here it goes...

Here's an image of the storms at 8:30 PM. There are still some strong storms in Mississippi, but the tornado threat is starting to go down. I think as the night continues, it should weaken even more. Timing is on the side of Alabama. Since this stuff is coming in late at night, the air should not be as unstable. They should start intensifying again tomorrow afternoon in Georgia and the Carolina's.

Our sister-station, WLBT had their hands full this afternoon. Here's a velocity radar image of a tornadic storm as it passed near Rolling Fork, MS. There was a tornado reported with this storm. It was probably the strongest storm of the day down there. This is not your "typical" radar image. This is velocity. Remember, the red colors indicate winds moving away from the radar site and green indicates winds moving toward the radar site. The radar was southeast of this storm. Can you see the counter-clockwise rotation?
Here's another radar image from Tyler Town, MS this afternoon. According to the storm reports, there was some damage reported where there were signs of rotation. That does not mean there WAS a tornado, but I would interested to see the survey reports. The radar is SSE of this storm. Can you spot the rotation?
All in all, I think we will see some weakening of the severe weather in MS and AL tonight. Keep it tuned to WSFA, in case things change.

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Stacy said...

It's so nice having a weatherman for a friend :)

Thanks for caring for ALL of us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight into our weather, you are very much appreciated down here!!!!