Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flooding Rains By Tuesday?

The latest model data and HPC outlooks suggest that we could have a ton of rain move through on Tuesday. The above image is the 3 day precipitation forecast from the HPC. They are suggesting 5-7 inches of rain falling across parts of Region 8! While they may be "a little" higher than my thinking right now, the chance for some flooding is a real possibility. I'm thinking we'll see 4-5 inches of rain across most of Region 8 on Tuesday. This will aggravate our rivers that are already fairly high.

In addition... the SPC is a little concerned about severe weather in Region 8 on Tuesday. You can read their outlooks by clicking here. My personal opinion is that the flooding will be a much larger problem. We'll be lacking some key parameters that are needed for widespread severe weather. That could change, so stay tuned.

I'm off work on Monday and Tuesday, but I will be on standby. We have my brother and sister-in-law in town with my three nieces. We're enjoying some family time before he leaves for Iraq next month. We're very proud of him! He's now a Sergeant in the US Army!

I'll be keeping a close eye on the weather, but you can also catch the latest info from Sarah. She'll be filling in for me on both nights.

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Jason H said...

The rivers just now got back down a little. 3-5 inches !?!? The five rivers in Randolph County will be everywhere !