Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great Saturday

The soccer game was cancelled. We arrived to a cold drenching rain, which we still considered playing in... BUT, a rumble of thunder came through shortly after arrival. I practice what I preach about lightning safety, so the game was cancelled. Let's hope for nice weather next Saturday!

We then went to Burger King to let the kids play. My wife and I had a great lunch with my father-in-law and sat there for over an hour discussing life! I'm glad BK has the playground, the kids were pooped!

Finally, I got a 3 hour nap! How cool is that!?! I feel great now! The day is far from over though. It's time to get ready. My wife and I are going out on the town again. Tonight is the Heart Gala which supports The Foundation for Arkansas Methodist Medical Center.

We RARELY get out together, and this is the second "black tie optional" event in less than a month. It feels weird! LOL Maybe I'll post some pictures later tonight.

Take care,

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