Saturday, March 15, 2008

Loud Night

Well, the rest of the night was loud! There was a little more hail... but nothing too terrible. Now, I'm hoping to get these leftover showers out of here. We have a soccer game at 10:00 am. I'm hoping we dry out a little! I need a nap...

Take care,


Heidi said...

Wow, Ryan, I'm impressed. That must have been some strong coffee you were drinkin' all night! ;)

We had a good dose of wind at about 2:00am (I'm pretty sure that was the time) with that quasi-bow echo that came across here. This morning we noticed some branches came out of a few snags next to the road, but nothing major.

My nephew (go Vols!) wasn't in the Georgia Dome at the time of the tornado, but was at the team hotel, which was damaged (windows blown out, etc.); they had to rush to the conference rooms (lower-level) until it was over. Looks like today could be intresting... :/

Make sure you post muddy soccer game photos later -- after your nap!

Anonymous said...

Good Grief, I dont know how you streach yourself so far young man, but sure am inpressed with your abilities, and loyalty to all the K-8 area folks.....I was sleeping soundly right thru this dancing spring brew, when my pekes yapped ALERT ALERT!!! and went into overtime to tangle with the thunders in the thickets.
Lordy, what a night!!!