Monday, March 31, 2008

Heading Home

It looks like the nastly weather has moved out of Region 8. We're still dealing with some heavy rain in spot, and that may prove to be the bigger problem. The above image is the radar at 11:20 PM. The severe weather has pushed off into Tennessee.
The below image is the rain estimates. If you notice, some places received 2-4" of rain tonight. That will not help the flooding situation. Stay tuned!

I'm heading home!
PS- I got some good "pub" from Blytheville tonight... :)


Jason H said...

Ryan, you can really tell how saturated the ground is when we get even a little rain, much less a inch and a half in 40 Minutes. It looked like we got 5 inches last night. The creeks was huge. There just isn't anywhere for the water to go. I am really starting to worry about the farmers. They are gonna have a hard time getting the corn in the ground with even more rain coming Thurday, and early next week. Everything at the grocery store is high enough as it is! How much rain we talking about Thursday, and next week ? It looks like ALOT Thurday !

Jason H said...

One more thing. I am leaving for St.Louis early Thursday morning to watch the Cardnals play. The game is at 12:00. I hope the rain can hold off until 3 or 4 up there. Wish me luck !!!!