Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Severe Weather On Thursday

Severe weather is still looking quite impressive for Thursday. The 00Z BUFKIT GFS profile is showing surface-based CAPE over 2000 and Lifted Indices well below -4. Some of you weather geeks out there know that is impressive, but for the rest of you out there... The air is going to be prime for severe weather.

The threat for tornadoes does exist and we'll have the entire team on standby in case something goes down. The "greatest" threat will be Thursday at 5:00 PM through Midnight.
Thursday is my birthday, so my wife, in-laws, and boys surprised me with a cake and ice cream tonight! Wasn't that thoughtful! My wife rocks! She knew that Thursday might be a little too busy for a party... I may be doing some wall-to-wall coverage.

TIP- If you ever miss any prime time programming due to severe weather, you can watch it online at the next day! Pretty cool, huh? So... there is NO excuse to write me an ugly email!!!

Before I go, I want to know your thoughts about this.... Why does my Paragould Yellow Pages have some station called THV11 on it? We don't even get this TV station in Paragould! Seems a little odd to me...Anywho, maybe I need my picture on a phonebook! That would be kind of fun....
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robertrowland said...

Hey Ryan,

Today's THV is the CBS affiliate in Little Rock, Channel 11 on the dial! They are on some of the AT&T books, but I'm not sure why up that far north? They are #1 at 10:00 PM and on their morning show in the ratings! KATV Channel 7 is my favorite LR station, they are still #1 at 5 and 6 PM in the ratings and KTHV Channel 11 is barely beating them at 10:00PM!!

I know you will keep us informed Thursday! We added a Digital antenna at State Police HQ in Newport so we can get KAIT when it Storms! Dish Network goes out bad in the heavy rain and doesn't carry KAIT! We get KARK Channel 4, KATV Channel 7, KTHV Channel 11 and KLRT Fox 16 out of LR for local news, etc! I love channel 8 for my local news and weather though!!!!

Ryan said...

Yeah... I know about THV. I was joking a little.

We really don't get them on cable up here though.

robertrowland said...

Sorry! I thought you really didn't know! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Those that are on satelite in AR probably get THV and not KAIT. I suppose it is a lot like satelite in Blytheville - we get all the Memphis news stations, but not KAIT. UGHHHHHHH!