Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jackson County Visit

I got visit the folks at Newport Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center this morning. They were a great group of people! We talked about the flood of 1982, the big F5 tornado from the 1950's, and even the old magnet weather board that use to be used on KAIT. I had an awesome time and I appreciate that they invited me to visit!

After I left, I went down to Jacksonport and Newport to see the high water. This first picture is from Jacksonport State Park. This is the highest I have ever seen the water here! It was flowing over the road and is getting close to the top of the levee!

The picture below me is Highway 14 as it leaves Newport toward Batesville. Only good for boats right now...
I thought this was an interesting shot. Only 27 miles to Batesville... by boat..
Have a great day,


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Anonymous said...

OMG! Ryan, I cant believe Kait 8 has no phone number on home page.No word by news if corning going to be one of towns in path of water ....PLEASE REPLY!