Monday, March 10, 2008

Marketing Nighmare For Goodyear

Did you watch the NASCAR race in Atlanta today? The cars were sliding around all over the place! It's was wild. Following the race, a marketing nightmare took place as NASCAR superstars rip Goodyear apart about their tires. In case you missed it, click here to see the story about Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart laying into Goodyear. It's pretty funny.

As a result of the bashing, I decided to look at Goodyear's website to see if they had a response. While looking around and contemplating on sending a comment with a return address of "Tony Stewart"... I saw something hilarious on the "contact" page.

On their contact page, it says that your comments may be forwarded to employees without internet email! (See above image) Are you kidding me? A company like Goodyear has some employees without email? OK... maybe some employees do not have email, but would those employees be the ones that handle complaints? HELLO GOODYEAR... It's 2008! Al Gore invented the internet for you, too!!!

Maybe NASCAR should switch to Firestone.

I'm going to bed,


Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaah, you dare devil you.............LOL

The Professor said...

Tony Stewart was just cranky because he handn't eaten in 20 minutes. Does anyone else find it ironic that Subway hired NASCAR's fattest driver to be their spokesman?

As far as the employees without email goes, many large organizations (and I work for one) have what are called 'dumb terminals.' They are computers that only have proprietary programs that are necessary to the employee's jobs.

They do have email, just not email as the general public knows it. It only works internally, and uses far less bandwidth.

This is all an effort to maximize efficiency, by closing the employees off to the outside world.