Saturday, March 08, 2008

Vaughan Sledding Videos

In my profession, we rarely get to "enjoy" the snow. Well, this time I was able to go out and play in the snow without worrying about work. As I mentioned, I was in Nashville presenting at a seminar, but since I'm from Nashville... we also made it a "mini-vacation" to go home. This morning we woke up and headed out to the slopes! We went to McMurry Junior High School to sled. My boys enjoyed their first sledding experience on a hill that I once sled on as a kid.

This first video clip in my oldest son. He went a little too fast on this run!

This next video is my wife and youngest son. They go pretty fast, too! Just think... he was in a body cast a couple of months ago. He's doing pretty good now! LOL

And finally, here's my sledding experience! I must admit... I had a blast! I felt like a kid again! With that said, it was still more fun to watch the boys have a good time!

I hope all of you had fun in the snow, too! (minus those in AL that missed out)

We're back in Arkansas this evening and I'm back to work on Monday.

Take care,



MOM said...

I must say: what a PERFECT snow!
The timing: it fell softly and quietly blanketed Nashville about an hour after rush hour Friday evening!
The consistency: perfect for sleds, snowballs and snowmen and snow angel making!
The daffodils withstood being covered with snow and have now
perked back up -- awesome!

Sissy & Glen said...

We're glad to see that the old purple saucer finally got some good action! It looks like you might have greased it up with some of Clark Griswold's secret sled slickener.

Heidi + sledding = phail said...

Ozark snow must be much harder than Nashville snow, because the snow here broke our purple saucer. -- Oh yes it did!