Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The BIG Give

We kicked off our Midland Weather Radio program with a BANG today! Most of you do not know this, but I have been trying to get the Midland Weather Radio program launched for years... literally! Before I returned to Region 8, I became a big fan of stations partnering with Midland Radio to "flood" the market with NOAA weather radios. Well, WSFA eventually launched the program after I moved back to Region 8...

Following the tornado that slammed Marmaduke and Caruthersville, I became fired up about the Midland Weather Radio Campaign again! Due to some logistical issues, we did not get the program launched in 2006 or 2007. Well, NOW we have the program in place in Region 8!

Barton's "Do It" Center will carry and sell Midland Weather Radios at a discounted price of $29.99. This is $20 CHEAPER than the price you would get from the Midland Radio Website. Click here to verify. We accomplish TWO goals with this program. First, we offer NOAA weather radios at an affordable cost AND second, we try to make sure the they are not sold out! Both of those problems existed prior to today.

Today, we launched the program by giving away 100 Midland NOAA Weather Radios in Highland. We gave them away right on the path of the deadly EF4 tornado! We also did a live broadcast with today's forecast on location. I really had a GREAT time! In addition to the giveaway, my General Manager had another surprise up his sleeve! KAIT teamed up with ABC and "Oprah's Big Give" TV show to award the Highland Fire Department with $10,000 to go toward the rebuilding of their fire department! As you can imagine, they were very excited.
One funny thing about the day... is that people thought Oprah would be there. To be honest, I'm not a fan of Oprah, so I'm glad she stayed in Chicago. That's just me though. I appreciate her show and her gratitude, but I have no desire to meet her.

Anywho, I want to thank all of the folks that came out today. I really had a great time. Don't forget, go by Barton's and pick up a NOAA weather radio. Tell them Ryan sent yah!


PS- Thanks to Heidi Farrar for taking the pictures!


Jason H said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I went threw Highland for the first time this past weekend. You can clearly see the path.

Looks like we have something in common Ryan about Oprah...we don't care much for her. I'll just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Now Boys, Looks like your gonna get a spell in the dog house, not liking Americas Favorite Lady Oprah.....
Naughty naughty, into the poopie pen you go>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I have really started hearing a lot about Oprah and her new beliefs lately. It is very scary to me. So many people look to her for inspiration and whatever comes out of her mouth is nothing but the truth. Please pray for our nation and for the people who are following her down this path. It really makes me know that before I place my vote in November I better hit my knees for lots of prayer and asking for guidance. I don’t normally forward this type of stuff it just alarmed me so much I couldn’t afford not to send it on. When she talks about her "spiritual beliefs", I assumed she meant Christian beliefs.

I had no idea about this...what is she thinking? Click on the YouTube link below.


In a world when Jesus is needed and an election that will truly change our world.....PRAY!!!!

Andrew said...

I was in Barton's in Walnut Ridge Tuesday Morning and watched 3 people come in and purchase the weather radios, I think this program will be a great success, and who knows maybe it will help save some lives. We cant stop mother nature, but with advanced warning, we sure can move out of her way.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out why I need a NOAA weather radio to wake me up when I have 3 huge dogs that go hysterical, paw at my blankets and stand on my chest to wake me up when it thunders. Do you think a tornado could sneak up on us with no thunder and lightning?