Saturday, April 05, 2008

Clouds & Soccer

Some places in Region 8 are having a hard time getting rid of the clouds! At 11:00 AM, Blytheville, West Memphis, and even Jonesboro still had a good dose of cloud cover. The rest of Region 8 is sitting in sunshine! Here in Greene County, we have a mix of clouds and sunshine. BRING ON THE SUN!!!

Of course, my friends were giving me a hard about the amount of clouds at the soccer game this morning! Punks... :)

Anywho... Our team did great again today! Here's a short clip of the "muddy" game. Watch us score 2 goals in less than 30 seconds! The first goal is from our "captain" and the second one is my oldest son. It cuts off right when it goes in... Great job guys!!!! Go MF Block Soccer!

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