Friday, April 04, 2008

Fun With Photoshop

In an earlier blog post, I noted that the channel 11 folks were on the phonebook in Paragould. For those that don't know, we don't even have channel 11 on our cable system in Paragould!

Anywho, Jeff Chastain sent me an entertaining email with an image attached. He noticed that the phonebook needed an upgrade to fit Region 8! Northeast, AR is called Region 8 or a reason! LOL
I hope all of you know that I am just playing around! The folks at Channel 11, including Ed, are great folks. They also had some wild video last night following the Central Arkansas tornadoes. They just don't cover Region 8 as good as us! LOL HA! (I still love yah THV!)

Since we are having fun with photoshop tonight, I thought I would throw out my new idea. There are very few stations across the country that have a "Dual Polarimetric Doppler Radar". Dual Pol radar is the latest and greatest in radar technology, so naturally, it's expensive.

As you can imagine, I want one, too!!! The only way to get one, would be to land a sponsor with deep pockets, so this year I'm thinking POLITICAL! These candidates have raised millions and millions of dollars, so why not sponsor a radar to get your image out there!

I introduce to you, the...
DualObama Doppler!
OR, we could go with the...

MesoMcCain Machine
They have raised millions of dollars, so why not have their face on a new radar on Highway 49!!! It would only cost them between $400 and $800 thousand dollars!
OK, that will probably not happen, BUT do any of you know a company that would want to have their name on a lifesaving piece of equipment... wink, wink.
Have a great night,


The Hill Country Weather Visionary said...

Your "mean picture" on the front of the phone book might be what KAIT needs to keep away some of the folks who call in a bad mood during severe wx coverage. ;)

... And ... I think if I tried real hard like, I might could find someone who'd be willing to sponser one of 'em doppler ball thangs, but only as long as a certain-someone's "bonnet photo" is on it. Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Now, where is the one with Hillary's picture on it - you don't want anyone accusing you of playing favorites!! These pictures are cute and you probably need to post the pictures that they showed on the news last night in celebration of your birthday!!

Happy Belated Birthday!! From everyone at Newport Healthcare and Rehab