Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Cancer Stinks"

As some of you know, Terry Wood's daughter, Melissa Meeker, has cancer. Like my stepmom, Melissa has Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer. For those that don't know, Terry Wood was the Chief here at KAIT for several years. I respect Terry a lot and hate that his family has to go through this battle.

I read Melissa's journal each and every time she makes a post. I don't know her personally, but I have learned how strong she is and how faithful she is in the Lord. Her journal entries have influenced me several times over the past few months. You can read it yourself by clicking here.

Today, she made a really eye-opening comment about Ted Kennedy and his diagnosis. Melissa says, "Poor Sen. Kennedy! I can imagine just how he felt when his life permanently changed. They diagnose cancer every day to people we don't know, too. Cancer stinks!!! " It's a simple statement, but a HUGE reminder.

With that said, keep Melissa Meeker, Terry, and ALL of the other families that are dealing with the pain of cancer in your prayers. Thousands of people are affected by this painful and aggressive enemy. Don't ever take your health or your family for granted.

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