Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Sad

I hate to be so depressing tonight, but some horrible news just came into the newsroom. Steven Curtis Chapman's 5-year old daughter was killed tonight in their driveway after being struck by a vehicle driven by their teenage son.

The Chapman's had adopted this young girl and his new song "Cinderella" was inspired by her. The Chapman's organization, Shaohannah's Hope is a great organization to help the orphans in the world. James 1:27



Stacy said...

I don't think I've gasped like this in a long time. This just knocked the wind out of me.

Praise God for heaven and the fact she is with her Savior and that the family will be together again. Can you imagine how much worse the pain would be if this weren't true?

Praying for them...

Amanda said...

Things like this just make you want to drop everything and go hug your kids tight and never let them go. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family but especially for the poor young man who hit her. I cant imagine the type of pain he is feeling and having it compounded with guilt.

Gretchen Greer said...

Oh my goodness! Allyson called me this morning with the news and I couldn't believe it. I listened to his song once again and it just made me think how God's plans are so much higher than ours. I'm sure when the Lord called SCC to write that song, SCC thoughts were simply about them growing up but God knew it would be eternal! Man, we just never know! I pray they continue their good work for the orphans in her name! Thanks for posting, Ryan!