Saturday, May 10, 2008

Find The Warm Front!

I'm going to be playing a little game today called "Find The Warm Front"... It's not really a game, but it is something I will be doing today. If the warm fron surges northward, as I think it might, we will be in some very unstable air. The map below shows the Theta E values right now (10:o0 AM to be exact).

As we go through the day, the green lines should move north with the warmer and soupier air. This Theta E advection will help me determine when the air will start becoming unstable. If you notice, it's coming into the southern part of the state. by the way, there is a tornado watch down there...

This is one of many geeky things I will be looking at today!


PS-NWS will be having a conference call with all emergency managers and media at 11:00 AM. I'll pass along any info that they may share.

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Heidi needs a nap said...

We should all be playing the "Watch the EHI" game too. Not cool! :-/

We're at 59.4 degrees here at the moment. The winds shifted to the southeast about an hour ago; they had been from the east before that.