Saturday, May 10, 2008

SPC Risk Updated, Models Agree Now

The NAM model (which kept the front south of us) now has the unstable air surging north of Jonesboro. EHI (talked about last night) is now over 3 in Jonesboro. I'm sure that is why the SPC has moved the moderate risk north. It now covers all of Region 8.
This is the "high-end" of the moderate risk. If you read the outlook and look at the percentages, you will see that the threat is considerably high.
I did not not sleep well last night, so I'm going to be a big fan of coffee today. I'll post new updates as needed, but make sure you pay attention to the weather.


Benjamin H said...

Best of luck Ryan! Stay safe down there!

Ryan said...

Thanks Ben.... Drive on down here... Feel free to bring Rob and David down, too. :)

Benjamin H said...

Ok! But who will let viewers know about the cold and rainy mothers day coming up? :)

Already helicities of 650 in Wester Arkansas, and 150 is creeping near Jonesboro. You are all in for a long day!

Anonymous said...

OK Ryan- We will be your bosom buddys today for sure!
Watch those swirling litter devils and keep us informed!

Anonymous said...

I can handle a cold & rainy mothers day :D ill just snuggle up with my girls and be lazy lol However todays storms have me worried. Fixing to head down to the basement & double check supplies! Stay safe everyone!!