Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quieter Weather

I've been quiet on the blog lately because the weather has been quiet! It's been very nice! I'm catching up on some projects, eating dinner with my family, not going to work early, and not staying at work late! It's been awesome.

Like many of you, we got our Economic "Steroids" Check. The government wants us to blow the money and not save it... and I might succeed at stimulizing the economy. We bought some fun things already. A new playground set and trampoline will be assembled in the yard soon. This should be great exercise for the kids! I'd rather spend my money on something that gives the kids exercise, than a video game system. That's just my opinion though. With the weather being so nice, there is no excuse for the kids being indoors.

We also bought my oldest son a bike. He was growing out of his old one. Despite the language in the movie, we bought a Speed Racer bike. We found a "fix" and an alternative to the movie. There is a cartoon being released called Speed Racer: The Next Generation and we now watch that movie instead. Since the "potty mouth" movie is being promoted everywhere and my kids are loving Speed Racer just as much as every other kid... We had to find an alternative.

Anywho, I've got a little weekend getaway planned for this weekend. I'll write more about it later on.. Bring on the 5 day weekend!



Anonymous said...

New trampoline, huh? That reminds me I need to call Tricare and let them know we are going to be out of the region. I hope you are resting up for the Bollin circus to come to town. HEHEHEH See you soon!!

Ryan said...

LOL... I'm getting excited. There will be several posts about the Bollin circus and probably the trampoline,too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that you are putting a net up around that trampoline. I am sure that the net has saved my kids from many broken bones.

Graciejo said...

WooHooooooo what a circus it will be this summer!!!!! I can't wait either. At least you know the broken bone drill, lol.

melissa said...

Thanks for the comment on the movie, I don't know anyone who's seen it and now we won't!!!