Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Is PG?

I have come to realize that "some" PG movies were "OK" for my kids to watch. For example, Shrek had some adult humor, but the kids did not understand it and it was fine (in our opinion), BUT a newly released PG movie was NOT fine today.

My wife and kids went to see Speed Racer at the theater. Speed Racer toys are being handed out in the McDonald's Happy Meal, surely it is is OK for my kids to watch. Right? WRONG!

Here are some of the words used in Speed Racer:

  • A** (used several times)
  • Hell
  • Damn
  • Holy S***
  • And Jesus' and God's name taken in vain.
THERE ARE HAPPY MEAL TOYS BEING GIVEN OUT, based on this movie! What is wrong in the world? Do these executives not think or is this accepted in society? I'm not sure who to be mad at... McDonald's, the movie industry, MYSELF, or the rating system.

I'm really floored on this subject and I have already told my News Director that we need to do a news story about it. Don't get me wrong, the boys liked the movie. I just wish the language had been catered to younger ears.

Did I mention that there are Speed Racer HAPPY MEAL toys? Am I out of line for being upset? Am I alone here? In the future, before I go to the movies, I will check THIS SITE.


PS- These moms are not happy either.


Andrew said...

No Ryan the executives don't think, at least not about the children, its their job to make $$$$$$ and when that stops happening then they find themselves looking for another job. We want nothing more than our children be able to grow up and experience life and all it has to offer, but you cant turn on the TV anymore with out some type of profanity or someone dressing in clothes that isn't fit for a Barbie doll.
Our kids come home from school on a regular basis and inform us of the "joke" they heard at school. All I know is with what they learn at school, we are a lot more careful of what they watch on TV, after all they have cussing cartoons now too.
I think a news story would be a great idea, maybe they can setup outside the theater and interview adults with children as they let out of the movie.

Beth Johnson said...

I am with you Ryan. There is no reason to use language like this in any movie.

Consumers have made it clear in the last few years that clean, good movies sell.

Thanks for the warning.

Beth Johnson

Jason H said...

They try to make the movie better for adults, and kids. That is where in my view they are messing up. I can't believe the stuff they get away with on regular cable t.v. too !

My 7 year old son is really wanting to see Iron Man too. Oh Joy.

Erica said...

I agree with you also. There is no need in putting that kind of e language in a movie geared for kids. And then to give it a PG rating! I guess we won't be able to depend on the rating system anymore, we'll have to do our own research.

I've something else that's been irking me, have you seen the latest Capri Sun commercial? Where the guy (I don't even think its a kid) blows up the Capri Sun and then stomps on it. What do you think my 4 yr old son is trying since they've seen that? Things like that just irk me! If you're going to gear something towards kids, wether it be movies, games, tv, etc. then it needs to be at their level! Not an adults.

Wade's World said...

I think that a news story about this would be great. Other parents are going to take their kids to see this movie, and maybe if they are warned, they will stay out of the theater. That is the only way to get through to Hollywood. We need more parents to stand up and say that this is NOT acceptable. If we don't the envelope is going to be pushed even farther...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ryan for posting this. I had already been told what a "kid friendly" movie this was. It is so deceiving for this industry to make these movies so appealing to our children. Last summer we turned our cable off for 3 months. It was difficult, but we didn't have all the trash in the house from TV. I think we're going to do it this summer too.

Anonymous said...

The responsibility comes back directly on the parents. Parents are the gate keepers (as they should be). For some families, that language might be fine. For others, maybe not.

I wouldn't put too much blame on McDonald's. Its almost the same argument. What might be "offensive" language to some, might not be for others.

Heidi says PG-NO WAY! said...

Ryan, one thing you left out that is that apparently there was some scene in the movie where someone "gave the finger," too. - How'd ya like that action figure in your kids' Happy Meals?! =-O

One more thing is that one of the child actors in the movie, Paulie Litt, used to be on the ABC sitcom Hope & Faith... I quit watching that show way before it was canceled, solely because of the dialogue that the writers chose for his character. It seemed like the writers didn't know what else to do other than make this kid utter double-entendres and otherwise sexually-oriented material -- this for a "character" who was supposed to be like 9 years old?! People will point to that stuff if he has problems in his adult life.

- Tell 'em to put Diana on the story! She'll get the moms fired up! :-D

Anonymous said...

The language and behaviors in this movie are a reflection of changes in our unraveling society. In many arenas of society, it has become accepted practice for people of all ages speak or behave in disrespectful ways, and nobody seems to have the guts to fight this erosion of societal structure.
We do need to re-draw the line on what we allow or expect in our society. We do need more parents to stand up and be role models and leaders, not "friends" for their children. It is up to the parents to make it known to the industry that the stories need to be told in clean language and behaviors, or they will not pay money for the family to go to the movies, and will not allow the children to watch on TV or DVD. Good luck on this journey.

Anonymous said...

Here's a great site for checking out movies...

Stacy said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this.

I'm not into censoring but I AM into informed decision-making. Checking up on movies is ALWAYS a good thing...regardless of the rating.

Wes said...

Ryan, I totally agree with you. My son is 12 and I don't think that all that language is appropriate for him either. I did see a great kids movie this summer that you need to see. Nim's Island is terrific and I don't remember any bad language that was used.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! You saved a whole
2nd grade field trip from hearing all of that!!!!

Kristi Bowen
Gosnell, AR

MTWC said...

Some examples of successful family movies MINUS the language: Monsters INC, Nemo, Mrs Doubtfire, Home Alone series, Toy Stories, Lion King plus many more.
-Clay in Nashville

Anonymous said...

Well Ryan, I see the list is ever growing of parents that are demanding decency for the intake fodder of innocents, and themslves as well. "3 Cheers" for the part of America thats Wakening!

Anonymous said...

I personally don't have kids of my own, but I can tell by reading this blog that it's a big factor to those that do and I respect the parents that DO care. There are SO many (TOO many) parents that don't care these days and it's sad. Children are gifts from God and should be treated like it. Hollywood is all about what the world wants you to be it is one of the fakests cities in the country. If you don't dress, act, walk, or talk like them you're not accepted because nothing else is acceptable. We'll that's where they are wrong. I am just recently exiting my teen years myself, but I can honestly say that I went through the teens without getting sucked into wearing profound clothing or using foul language on a daily basis and NEVER ONCE attended High School Parties (I worked on most weekends and my curfew was 9pm.) I had parents who taught me wrong from right and high morals other than morals of the society. I'm glad you and many other parents do the same thing to your kids. It will truly make it "A Better Region 8"