Thursday, May 01, 2008

Severe Weather Update

I'm running a little behind tonight, which seems to be common lately! Anywho, here's a quick video update. I've been watching the mess to the west all evening. It's been wild in the Plains! I hope to have some more updates later. We're all on deck for tomorrow. Chris will be in the Wood Ford StormTRACKER, and Sarah and I will be in the studio. Triple FM radio will also be tracking the weather with TripleTRACK radio coverage. Hopefully nothing happens. My gut feeling is that we will on see some hailers and no tornadoes. I hope my gut is right.

Have a great night,



Anonymous said...

I hope you right too! Got enough probs here for moment...........

Anonymous said...

Looks like your gut was wrong...maybe this will be the only one we have