Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Texas Trip, Part 1

I spent the holiday weekend in Bellevue, TX at my Grammy's. With so much "busyness" in the world, it's nice to get away to the boonies every now and then! Bellevue, TX has a population of 386 and that may be stretching it! Chances are, we are related to most of them!
I love the view from my Grandmother's house. It's North Texas, so it's pretty flat. There are a few elevated spots that really make for great vantage points. The picture above is looking East from the barn.
The picture above is the rock wall and rock stairs that lead to the house. This house has been here for decades! If I'm not mistaken, I think it was built in the 1930s. The home that sat on this lot prior to this house burned down. Grammy lived in both homes. A tornado also did some damage to this property years and years ago.
Here's an old tree in the backyard. It's a great tree to have a swing attached! I wonder how old this tree is? Any guess?
There were also cows... big cows.
...and a rooster or two! Along our trip we saw armadillos, several deer, snakes, cows, chickens, guineas, turtles, rabbits, and racccons. Fun times!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of Grammy's. I wish I had some more pictures. Maybe Dad will send me some of his....
Take care,
PS- I don't have pictures, but we also had a mean line of storms rumble through on Saturdaynight! MaybeI can get some video clips from my Dad.


Janet said...

Yep, I enjoyed visiting Grammy's place through your blog and photos. We all need to slow down; smell the flowers and enjoy our loved ones while they are with us. I loved the tree photo...I really like unusual trees and find myself looking for them on my drives as well. Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Yes, these pictures and the flower pictures are lovely. Nice to see there still exist places where the humans have not chopped down all the trees so they can pour concrete and put up metal building strip malls in the name of "progress" or "growth". Maybe you could show these pictures to the Jonesboro city planning committee to give them some ideas about how land might be better managed?

Nancy said...

Your flower shots are beautiful. Gardening is my passion. I love my own, but more than that, I enjoy the flowers of others. We have such a great climate here to enjoy a wide variety of flowers and plants. We have the most beautiful wild flowers as well, along any part of of our region. As my Mother says, "A rose will do, or any other flower is just fine for me. I will enjoy the beauty and remember the fragrance long after I have left this world." Thank you Ryan for your showing of your precious flowers, for those of us who can and cannot garden.