Saturday, June 28, 2008


YAY... It's raining across ALL of Region 8 right now and we still have the cold front well to our Northwest. We'll see even more rain through the day and some of the storms could be strong. The Wood Ford StormTRACKER may go out later today.

I've already had some good rain at my house. The yard is soaking it up! I hope to see most of Region 8 with 1-2" of rain by the end of day. In fact, most locations have already seen one inch.
Enjoy the rain!!!


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa, NE Arkansas rain dancing with Mother Nature, giggle, Do you spose Mr. Ryan took that challenge of rain dance too?......GO RYAN>>>>>>>>>> LOL

Heidi said...

We've had over 0.72" so far here. I think it's closer to an inch but the rain gauge hasn't caught up yet. Shadow does not enjoy the thunder.

robertrowland said...

Hey Ryan! I have received 1.10" here in Southern Jackson County so far!!!! It's still coming down too!! Thank you Jesus!!

Charles Loring said...

We're still waiting for the storms here in Northern Mid. TN. The sun's shining and that will help to unstabilize the atmosphere for storms later on. And we need all the help we can get to break the 3.5 CAP that's in place.

Karen H. said...

We got some rain here in Caraway today as well. Makes for a nice day to lay around and sleep. Good sleeping weather as I've always heard. LOL. "THANK YOU" LORD for the much needed rain here in NE Arkansas. Coffee anyone? LOL. Have a great day and enjoy the rain!!!!

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR