Friday, June 27, 2008

Parts of Clay County Win Again

As a resident of Greene County, I'm getting jealous of our neighbor to the north. Last night, we had some rain heading right for us and it pooped out over Clay County. It seems that Clay County has been getting more rain than other areas lately. They must be living right!

According to the radar estimates, parts of Clay County got an inch of rain last night. Other ares in Missouri had 3-4" of rain! My yard really needs some of this rain!!! Hopefully today or tomorrow...



Anonymous said...

How about doing a rain dance on 6pm

Anonymous said...

Laughing........Dont get too jealous Ryan...I`m in the north of clay county and when you predict a 20 percent chance of rain, we here in Corning might get a brief moisture kiss, which we did last night on the grave yard shift.
Now, when you say 60 percent, our entennas finally go up ^^^^
Time and time again it has rained all round us and we got nothing or just enough to wet the appetite.
(DO WE LIVE IN A BOWL)geographically?
Also we are 30 miles south of Poplar Bluff, and most of their rains are gully washers.....while we watch the dark clouds go over,and head up their way `and the garden refreshners pass us by..... *sigh*
Giggle----about that rain dance???

Jason H said...

I hear all of you. I would say Some places in the Northeast Arkansas is the driest in the whole state ! It is just unreal how wet the early spring was, now we are dried out, and it isn't even July. One extreme to another.