Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Solstice Moon

I just went outside to checkout the Solstice Moon and it was pretty cool! The smoke from all of the wheat fields buring across Region 8 made it look even better. I'm going to show this video tonight at 10:00. I'll admit, it did not look quite as big as the astronomers played it up to be... but it was still nice!

Take care,


Mom said...

And it is a beautiful moon!
Whether shining over you in the city or in the country or anywhere
you are, this Solstice Moon makes
your surroundings look like a picture postcard!!!

Heidi said...

I was surprised by how un-gigantic it looked. I am pretty sure I've seen it appear larger than last night, but it still looked pretty cool anyway!

Laurie said...

Wow, we were wondering why the moon looked like that. Amazing to think we were seeing the same thing all the way here in Japan! Small world after all ;)