Friday, June 06, 2008

Swimming Practice

We're at the halfway point of swimming lessons. I've been very impressed with their progress! It's amazing. My youngest son wanted to swim sideways for the first day or so... It was weird. lol I think he has the hang of it now and is really having a good time!
My oldest son has really gained some water confidence, too. I wish we had started his lessons earlier, too. He has really done well and will be a little fish this year.
Just like my other son, he seems to be having a good time, too. I have been to most of the practices, but they are between the 6:00 and 10:00 news. Being in a hot, sauna-like indoor pool for thirty minutes is a little rough! lol It's worth it though. I have had a blast watching them learn.

I'm off work today to be in a wedding. Maybe we'll get some rain today... I sure hope so!



Tara Smith said...

Where are they taking lessons?...or are they private lessons?

My girls are 4 & 5 and I think this summer is when they should take lessons. It's so important for kids to learn to swim....For fun and for safety!

Anonymous said...

You can take lessons at the Paragould Community Center. Just give them a call. The Paragould Country Club lifeguards also give private lessons.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!! In my house there were two major rules before the fledgling could fly the coop.
Swim and Drive..which she mastered, and I admire those folks that teach these valuable gems to their young ones. You and wife are such Good Parents, and your young will be mighty grateful one day!!!