Sunday, June 08, 2008

Two Teammates Leaving

Two of my favorite people are leaving KAIT. Sports Director, Glen Marini, has accepted a position in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is going to put him within an hour of his parents, which is a great move for him and his wife. Unfortunately, his wife is our 10:00 producer. So... we lose two great teammates on our evening shows.

I don't think Glen and Emily read my blog, so I'm going to truly open up to you about them in this post.

Glen makes me laugh every day. His witty comments, wild humor, and sharp thinking keeps me entertained. Glen and I both worked at a rinky-dink station in Kentucky years ago. We were not there at the same time, but we still shared similar experiences!

Glen is truly one of the best sports writers I know. You may not know this, but he strives to bring the viewers of Region 8 "LOCAL" sports while bringing a smile to your face at the same time. Many sports guys fill their 5-7 minutes with junk from the national satellite feeds, but Glen covers what is happening "locally" in sports. I greatly respect him for that! There were many times that Glen ended his sportscast and I had tears of laughter in my eyes. He's a funny dude!

His wife will also leave a huge void in our newsroom. I've worked with a lot of producers and she ranks near the top! She's open to suggestions and always kept Region 8 News at 10:00 vibrant and fresh. There's a reason that Region 8 News at 10:00 is the #1 rated Newscast in America and it starts with a solid producer. Whoever picks her up in Fort Wayne will be getting one of the best in the business.

The selfish side of me would love to see them stay in Region 8, but I know this is an awesome move for them. I believe God has some great plans for the Marini's and this is just the end of many great chapters in their lives.

Drop them a line sometime soon, but don't tell them where you found out about their departure! You can email Glen at

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Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that Glenn is leaving, he brings so much to sports in Region 8.

I also heard that Heather Flanigan will be leaving, is that true? I did see her engagement in the paper to Brett Garrett? And on the same day the engagement of Craig Rickert? Is everyone leaving??

Just please don't let the weather team leave, we couldn't do without ya'!!!!

Heidi said...

Man. I always thought that if Glenn left KAIT, it would be for ESPN. Knowing that his wife is the 10:00 producer makes this even harder to take! Wow. I wish them both well. :)

Jason H said...

Football Friday Nights will never be the same !!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Bring back Dick Clay.

Anonymous said...

Ryan you better not leave us too!!!!!