Sunday, July 27, 2008

NASCAR Embarrassment

I watched the most embarrassing race in my life today. For those that don't what I'm talking about... click here... or here... or here (my favorite article). Everyone that watched the race feels that it was one of the most ridiculous thing ever seen in motor sports in quite awhile.

Apparently, NASCAR and Goodyear warned the racing teams not to "bash" the race either. Every interview looked like a puppet show. All drivers, owners, and crew chiefs had the same scripted response as if NASCAR handed them a statement to read.
Back in March, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr were quite upset at Goodyear after a similar problem in Atlanta. NASCAR and Goodyear were not too happy about their comments. This time, they "pretty much" bit their tongue.

Here are some of my favorite comments about today's race:

Sunday was akin to the Sugar Bowl being delayed because nobody could find a football, the Final Four being held on a too-slippery basketball court -David Caraviello

That's a lack of preparation from NASCAR to Goodyear to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to put on a show like they did for the fans [Sunday]. It's disrespectful to the fans, and I wish that it didn't have to be that way. That's not the way NASCAR racing is supposed to be. -Ryan Newman

It was bad. It was actually embarrassing, it really was... -Matt Kenseth

I'm just shocked they did a tire test here, and this is what they ended up with. -Jamie McMurray

I've never seen anything like this. -Jeff Gordan
As you can see, it was very bad. I'm going to Talladega in October. It's our annual pilgrimage back to Alabama. If something like this happens there. I'm starting a riot. Hear me now, believe me later. They ran the COT there last year, so I think it will go smooth. But, if it doesn't.... riot.

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Andrew said...

I changed the channel about the 7th competition caution. That "Race" was a blunder from the beginning.

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

It was definitely an 'interesting' race...

Wonder if the words Bridgestone/Firestone were mentioned in the team camps??

Anonymous said...

Ya it was a very boring race. I'm going to Talladega in October also and I will help you with the

Charles Loring said...

Yep Ryan, that race was rather dull. I agree with your statement Mike. It's a joke that my dad and I created from Bridgestones slogan, "Where Rubber Meets the Road". My dad and I always laugh and say, "Yeah, too much of the rubber!".

Cody said...

I'll bring the pitch forks if we do riot. =) lol. It was an odd race. It got old after a while. Once Matt Kenseth's tire exploded and took half of the car with it.. I knew it was a "blow out" (no pun intended).

Jason H said...

Is it the tire, or more the track ?