Friday, August 08, 2008

Great Weather & The Olympics

It's beautiful outside! Right now, the temperature is 87 degress with a dewpoint of 61. That's about as good as it gets in August! In West Plains, MO (NW Region 8) it is 82 degrees with a dewpoint of 56. The above image is a live look at SkyCam.

Here's some advice for you, go out this evening and enjoy it! It will feel very nice and then write me an email and tell me what you did.... I may share it tonight at 10:00.

Also, the Olympics start tonight. I know that they are on NBC, but I still don't mind promoting the event. Most of you will have to watch it on our other Raycom Station anyways... WMC-TV. 4 BILLION people are expected to watch worldwide! That's BILLION with a B.

GO USA!!!!

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