Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rain Totals

Some places STILL missed out on the rain! Here's the Doppler rainfall estimate from this rain event. There were still places in Poinsett, Cross, Jackson, and Independence County that missed out. Look at the places with red on them.... those are locations that may have picked up close to 4" of rain. Granted, hail can contaminate those numbers a little bit. Nonetheless, a lot of people saw some much needed rain!



Jason H said...

I think most of Randolph County got a good soaking. I know many farmers are happy campers. Alot of them called me with 1 inch all the way to up to 3 inches. You just don't get that much in August.

WOW did it feel good or what this morning !!!!

Grant said...

We were fortunate enough to pick up 2.5 inches of rain at Carriage Hills. A BIG thanks goes out to the folks who swallowed their pride and performed embarrassing rain dances as everyone else stood and laughed.

I agree, Jason... It felt great outside this morning!

Tara Smith said...

**Note to self

Get a rain gauge!

memwxnet said...

Excellent portrayal by the WSR-88D in Memphis. The MEM airport received just under 3" (extreme south-central Shelby Co.) and I got just under 1" (just barely south of the radar site in Shelby) and that's just about exactly what the radar estimated. Thanks for sharing!