Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Here's a little update for those of you that read my blog from WSFA-land and KAIT-land (aka Region 8). The readers of this blog are still fairly spit between Alabama & Arkansas/Missouri. Therefore, I thought many of you would find this article and video interesting. There are also many readers in the "broadcast" industry...

Anywho, the newly built NBC affiliate in Myrtle Beach, SC is going to launch on Friday. It's rare to see a station built from the ground up these days. I'm highly interested in this project and I'm anxious to see the launch on Friday.

Let me make some connections for you. The General Manager and VP of WMBF is Ted Fortenberry. Ted is the former GM/VP of KAIT. Do you remember him on the "Consider This" segments? Here's the WSFA connection... The Chief Meteorologist is Rob Hatchell. Rob was the morning meteorologist at WSFA. He actually filled the position I vacated at WSFA. Small world, huh?

Take a look at this article. It's pretty interesting. I must admit, I'm a little jealous... It looks like an awesome setup!

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Brian Tritch said...

I've been in contact with Ted since he left KAIT, I knew that Rob sounded familiar but I didn't know where, I finally read the BIO on the WMBF page and figured it out and also figured out that you'd worked with him from WSFA.. I to have been anxious ever since the announcement of this TV station for the launch, Like you I cannot wait, So If it accounts for anything.. I HAVE DONE The MATH.. LOL

Thanks for the clip though, I had no idea on that..

P.S. It's 11:30 here now and we're getting one heck of a T-storm, It's been raining about 15 minutes and we've got almost an inch.. I'll post the totals tomarrow when I get home, I am headed to bed now.

Still one good light show going on though...hopefully it will stop soon, lol

Anonymous said...

There's an adorable photograph
of you and JJ and the Gilbert
kids Summer of 1980 at Myrtle
Beach...both families spent the
week at a house named "The Drag
On Inn" painted green & orange!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I dont think I`m jealous of the latest technology in SC, but the area description sure boosted a lot of old memories,however I`m hooked on my little harvest small town nook here in Northern Arkansas.
Besides some of my Carolina memories are of getting caught in one of their WHOOPER hurricanes....
LOL...That I Tried To Forget!!!

Justin Gehrts said...

One of our producers went to WMBF a couple months ago. I should ask her how the first couple days after launch have been!