Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Working In The Yard

My wife and I spent a few hours in the yard today. The flower beds were getting invaded by junky grasses and weeds. I also had to pull up a dead bush. It died after I transplanted it. Next time, I need to baby the transplants better... lol
This is typically the critical time of the the year for our yard. We get tired of watering it, tired of pulling weeds, and tired of going outside in the heat. This year, we're actually ramping up our gardening in the late season. Between the "Good Neighbor Tours" and "Backyard BBQs", my summer has been busier than normal. I'm using this week as a time to catch up on my chores.
Despite watering the yard, it still needs some good ole fashion RAIN. Hopefully that will come later this week. Stay tuned! (I may chat about that tomorrow morning)
PS- I'm not sure why the lens in fuzzy. Maybe there was some water on it. Oh well.


Heidi said...

I was thinking water drops on the lens before you even mentioned it ;)

Looks like you guys have a nice amount of butterfly-attracting plants. Hope you've seen a bunch; there's been kind of a dearth of them this year.

Anonymous said...

WOW!That yard looks pretty to me!!!