Monday, August 11, 2008

A Little Rain Out There...

It's 8:45 and there is a little rain out there right now. To be honest, I'm testing a new program I have that will record my screen as I zoom around on radar. There are some light showers in central Arkansas right now. Near the end of this clip, you can also see the radar estimates of rainfall over the past few days. They have seen a ton of rain in parts of AR.


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Donny said...

whats interesting is that i noticed on the afternoon nam/wrf models show some decent winds seen here:

so with those being shown i think there is an outside chance of a brief tornado especially in the southern 1/2 of arkansas ..i mean its a slim to none chance just you rarely see high helicity values like that and not see at least a severe t-storm warning....anyway keep up the great work