Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cool Down Next Week?

Hear me now, believe me later. We will see a "cool down" next week. Climatology shows that we typically get a "cool snap" at the end of September into early October.

The overall pattern shows the big chill may come next Wednesday on October 1st. Write it down and see if I'm right.

The GFS is advertising 850mb temps to be at about -2°C. That's the temperature at roughly 5,000 feet. If you crunch some numbers, that would translate into some upper40s for some of us for overnight lows!

Let's see what happens!


Jason H said...

Just in time for bow season.....You are the man !

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh, the Bambi chasers are geering up...sigh....Hey Ryan. is this whats called Blackberry Winter? .... had so hoped `it would come Dec 31, end Jan 1.
Dreamers never die, they just age...and not too gracefully in the cold months.