Monday, September 22, 2008

My Old Crib

A lot of memories come from this picture! It does not look like much, but it was the house I lived in while in college at Western Kentucky University. I think my portion was $100 per month! I wish I could live somewhere for $100 per month these days. My wife's cousin goes there now and her aunt took this picture last week.

While the place was a dump, we had a great time. We had lots of parties, but we all studied and made good... well decent.... well... we made grades.

We called this place the Peace House. If you ask anyone that went to WKU in that time period, they likely knew about the "Peach House". It had a name for itself. Who knows, some of you that read the blog may have visited the Peach House at some point.

I had a great time living with those guys, but I'm glad I grew up and live a safer life these days!


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Peach House Party Animal said...

Anything more than $100 would have been too much for that closet- I mean bedroom of yours.

It looked like a much more happening place when it was painted peach.