Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Time Looks Dry... For Now

There are some showers in the area, but they are staying away from ASU Stadium as of now. Hopefully the ASU/MTSU game will stay dry!


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Karen H. said...

I sure hope that ASU continues their winning streak tonight. Here in Caraway, I think we have had around 6-7 inches of rain since yesterday afternoon. We have had some very heavy rains. Our power even went out this morning a little before 1:00a.m. and was off for about an hour. We had alot of Thunder and Lightening as well. We were going to take our girls to the Fair last night, but our oldest daughter was sick and I took her to the Doctor yesterday and she has Strep. It's going around, so be sure to have your Son that is in School to not to eat or drink after anyone. Hopefully the rain will miss the game tonight. Looks like we may be getting another shower here in Caraway again soon. I may have to borrow a boat. LOL. I talked to my Mother in Lepanto earlier today and she said they had around 6 inches of rain. Her carport and patio was flooded and she had to wear some rain boots to get out. Take care and GO ASU REDWOLVES!!!!