Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lane Rules

Ok... I want to clear something up for some of our drivers on Region 8 roads.

When you are driving on a four-lane road, the left lane is for cars that are going faster. Arkansas law states that you should remain in the RIGHT lane unless you are passing another vehicle. If you are passing someone, DO IT! Don't pull beside the other car and maintain the exact same speed. It's annoying and illegal.

If you are confused or question my comments, please read page 25 of the Arkansas Driver's Manual by clicking here.

I told you guys that I would occasionally vent on here!

Have a great night!


Brian Tritch said...

Well not that I didn't agree with you more, It's more the fact i'm just nosy but I had to look for myself and read it, I did know that, I did not know the part about using the turn lane to merge into regular lanes was legal until now, This comes as good news :-))
I agree, If you're going to pass, pass, if not, move it! This has happned many times to me in the past and it ticks me off everytime, I'm guessing this happened and that's the reason behind this vent, lol
I do have to say one thing, It's the first real vent in a long time we've seen on here anyways..

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Amen Ryan...preach on my brother!!! It is VERY annoying when people 'camp out' in the left lane...

Tara Smith said...

Amen. Right on. Preach it! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually Arkansas law (27-51-301(b)) only prohibits obstructing left hand lane,it doesn't restrict the left hand lane to passing only.

Ryan said...

Hmmm... Maybe I need to study the law more, but it is in the manual... and it is common courtesy.

Brian Harris said...

I call it a rolling road block when people do this. Same rules apply to Alabama drivers also though I couldn't find a's still a common courtesy though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone needs to remind our local State Troopers about Arkansas law (27-51-301(b)) since here in Lawrence County on Highway 67 they like to travel in the left lane at a speed of 45 (posted at 55), which does obstruct the flow of traffic. People seem to be afraid to pass on the right but sometimes you have no choice. When I was learning to drive there was a passing side ie. LEFT and a suiSide ie. the RIGHT side. I personally respect any law enforcement officer for the job they have choose but I feel they can see just as much from the right lane as from the left.

The DARE Cop said...

To clarify the use of the turn lane as a merge lane, the center left-turn lane is intended be used for just that; a left-turn lane for vehicles in both directions. There is a provision for the turn lane to be used to merge into regular traffic lanes, however, you may not use it as an acceleration lane to merge into traffic.

27-1-309(c) states: "It is permissible for a vehicle making a left-hand turn from an intersecting street or driveway to utilize a center left-turn lane as part of the maneuver to gain access to or to merge into the traffic lanes, except that it is not permissible to use the center left-turn lane as an acceleration lane."

Regarding the post by anonymous in reference to the troopers in Lawrence County, I believe I can shed some light on that as well. You are correct, we can see just as good from the right lane as we can the left lane. Our radar works the same in either lane. We as police officers use the inside lane for safety reasons. When we lock a speeder that is coming at us, we have to make a U-turn. So, on a five lane highway (center left-turn lane included), we have several lanes of traffic to look out for prior to turning around. If we are in the inside lane already, all we have to do is slow down and verify that we are clear in the oncoming traffic lanes (as no one should be passing us in the turn lane) and make our turn. Traffic accidents have occurred from officers making U-turns from the outside lane and being T-boned by a vehicle in the inside lane.

As far as the driving under the speed limit while we are in the inside lane goes, each officer is different. I tend to drive 50mph in the inside lane. Not too slow to obstruct traffic badly, but not too fast to burn up a set of brakes constantly. We don't mind one bit if you pass us in the right lane. As long as you are driving the posted speed limit and your vehicle is legal, you'll not get a second look from us.

I hope this has shed some light on a couple of the issues that were posted here. Drive safely, and I bid you a good day.

Ryan said...

Thank you for the clarification Corporal! Everyone listen up... he knows the law better than the rest of

Anonymous said...


Stan Morris said...

While were at this:

Sometime, on Stadium and Nettleton's intersection, you'll notice the light is green, but you can't go because cross traffic is blocking the lane!!

If you can't clear the intersection, you aren't supposed to drive into it and just sit there.

Oddly enough, while stopped at a green light because I couldn't go through the intersection, I've had people blare their horns at me as though I was committing treason! I even checked my mirror to make sure it was at me and saw a horrible face that resembled that of the bitter beer face commercials.

The law I've read says not to block an intersection if you can't clear it!

By the way Ryan, this blog is cool...but no where near as cool as the STORMTRACKER BLOG!