Saturday, September 06, 2008

Here We Go Again

I'm sure by now you have heard about Hurricane Ike. Well, it's still WAAAAY to early to forecast exactly where Ike will go, but several indications lead to a North-Central GOM (Gulf of Mexico) landfall. The GFS, Canadian, and NOGAPS have Ike coming in somewhere between Lakes Charles, LA and Pensacola, FL. Needless to say, New Orleans may have to evacuate AGAIN.
The big question will be the stength of a ridge that is expected to be in the central parts of the US and when will it move East. As soon as it moves East, Ike will head North. We'll have to watch and see.
For the record, the above image is the GFS for next weekend. This setup would not be good for New Orleans, Biloxi, and probably Gulf Shores.
Time for bed...Church in the morning!
PS- Titans play tomorrow! WREG better be playing it OR I'm going to call and complain like I did last year. They ended up switching to the Titans game during a commercial! I guess I was not the only one complaining. A Tenn station not playing the Titans??? That was just dumb.

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Jason H said...

They have this one going almost the same track as Gustav, and bringing us more heavy rain/wind. Most people hate that forecast, but for some reason I love it !