Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Dig The Red Wolf!

ASU slapped Texas Southern upside the head with an 83-10 victory tonight! The Red Wolves are 2-0 now going into next week's game with Southern Miss. I'm looking forward to being at that game!

The family and I were going to go to the ASU game tonight, but we changed our minds. Instead, we had a couple of competitive bowling games and fought the crowd at the mall. It was very nice to spend the afternoon and evening with all of us together. When I came home I saw the new mascot on the TV. I must say that I'm quite impressed! I like the new Red Wolf. I think his name is "Howl" or "Woof" or something.

Last night I put on my "Sports Hat" and shot some High School football. Sports Director, Mitch Lilly, is going to be doing something new on Monday that I'm excited to see! It will be called "Mic'ed Up Monday" and it will feature a High School coach from the previous Friday wearing a microphone. Last night, I attached a mic to GCT's new head coach, Jeff Conaway, during his pre-game speech and the first half of the ball game. Jeff's a friend of mine from Church and I knew he would be a good person to test this segment with... Tech lost 20-0, but I think the team is moving in the right direction. Paragould played well last night. Once Tech gets the"taste" of victory, they will be much better. Congrats to the Rams on their season opener.

In other news, Ike needs to be watched! I'll try to write more about Ike tomorrow. Also, you guys got fired up about Politics! I love it! LOL... I told my boss that I would not take sides, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. :) I'm glad some of you learned more about the issues at stake.

Feel free to leave some comments... How about them Red Wolves? Are you looking forward to "Mic'ed Up"? Do you want to vent about Politics some more? Click on the comments section and cut loose!

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Jason H said...

I hate to say this because I love the razorbacks, but I would hate for the hogs to have to play the indians this year.

Anonymous said...

It's Red Wolves, not Indians