Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas LIGHTS!!!

What gremlins mess with my Christmas lights while they are in storage. It does not matter how neat and organized they are on December 26th when they are stored away, they will be screwed up the next year! They will be tangled. They will have missing bulbs. The motion lights will not move. Half will work and half will not.
AND, because the lights didn't work.... I had to go buy new ones at the scariest place for an man in the world. Hobby Lobby!
Anywho, my youngest son took this picture while we put up our tree. I thought it was quite artistic and shows my emotions well!
Have a great Sunday. I'm going to go get ready for Church. My Titans try to continue their win streak at noon. Go 10-essee Titans!


Cody said...

Awesome picture Ryan! Don't forget to post a picture of your finished tree! =) We are putting up all 3 of our trees today. One is a 24 footer. It's a monster! Looks good though! =)

Anonymous said...

It must take a lot of technology to design lights that will destroy themselves in the privacy of an attic.

Started with four sets.
One worked right off the bat.
The second one only needed a little work.
Finally got the the third one to work if all the lights blink.
Fourth one was hopeless.

Thank goodness we got that blinking one to work, because we didn't have to brave the Christmas Shopppe @ Wallyworld.

Anonymous said...

This picture is great!! I have always wondered the same thing about the lights. Can't wait to see your tree!! NANA

Vonavie said...

So sorry about the Titans... :-(

Heidi said...

That's a really cool photo. =D

Stefanie said...

That is a funny picture..:)...Those lights can do very strange things when left alone for a while.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!