Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Day

Meteorologist Justin Logan has officially been on-air tonight on KAIT. It's been nice to see him jump right into the Storm Center and settle into Region 8. Him, Sarah, and I are all excited about working together. Maybe we'll see some snow soon! LOL


mom said...

Good Monday Morning,

I think KAIT8 is fortunate that
this young man has joined your
Storm Team! It surely cannot be
easy to move to another state and
city and do a weather forecast for
the folks and it be your first day
at the job and have a calm demeanor
whilst you're on-air (as you know )
but he did an admirable job of it!

And, additionally, Justin should
feel truly NEEDED because you and
Sarah recently have both been
stretched a bit thin should some
severe weather event soon happen.

He sort of reminds me of you a
few years back, too...

Anonymous said...

Justin you are fabulous! Us Kentucky folks miss you. Great job keep up the great work. Another huge UK fan Nan Willoughby!