Saturday, November 29, 2008

More On The Snow Chances...

I'm now on a windows-based computer and can post some

Here's the deal... I fully expect to see "some" flakes falling across the viewing area Sunday Night into Monday. With that said, don't get excited. The streets will be fine and nobody will see much more than a dusting. Even the "dusting" will be confined to our northern counties. Here's the analysis of the precipitation type from the GFS model. Notice, it does show at least a mix for Region 8.
Here (below) are the estimated accumulations using the GFS. Notice, the major accumulations will be north of us. The flakes will get some folks excited and we'll get some emails and calls from people freaking out, but the streets will be fine. Temperatures will likely stay above freezing through most of this... Even though it is not going to be a big deal, I'm ready to see some flakes!



Stefanie said...

Hope you get to see some of the white stuff! Come back to Alabama and you can see all the "flakes" you want to see...disguised as "BAMA fans"...War Eagle, anyway!!

Jason said...

I didn't see a flake here in Pocahontas. It did sleet pretty good for about 5 minutes in Western Randolph County Sunday evening while I was hunting, but as far as snow I didn't see any.

We will have a white Christmas this year !