Monday, December 01, 2008

LIVE Weather Tonight

I have become a fan of taking the show on the road. Tonight, I was at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center for their annual Christmas tree lighting and auction. In the above image, Mrs. Mary Esther Herget was stopping by to give me some cookies! They were GREAT!

Mrs. Herget is a great lady. If you have never heard about Mrs. Herget, click here and scroll down a little. Her granddaughter-in-law is our son's teacher!
During the 5:00 News, students from the choir at Baldwin Elementary sang some Christmas music for us and really did a great job. It's funny how kids are rarely shy on TV, but adults always avoid the cameras.
As I mentioned, there were some very nice trees that were auctioned tonight. To be honest, a few of them went for some very reasonable prices. If we did not already have TWO trees in our house, I would have considered a bid. Maybe next year.... The folks even set them up for you! That's worth a lot itself!
In other news, I'm working on getting some pictures from the Vaughan Thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

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